Galrus Ironfist

Male dwarf commoner


Galrus Ironfirst is a surly old dwarf with wild grey hair and a matching beard. He walks with a severe limp due to a metal brace on his left leg which keeps the limb from bending, the remnants of a wound taken when he was a younger dwarf. During his youth, he and his colleague, Gremkyl Silverhelm, worked together to search for proof of a legendary dwarven stronghold called Khundrukar. When their decades long research turned up very little in the way of evidence, and both dwarves had been injured in separate events, both Galrus and Gremkyl retired to their own remote corners of the continent.

Galrus owns and operates Ironfist Superior Outfitting and Dry Goods in Irontown, where he deals in basic supplies and a few select items of adventuring gear. He also provides a map to the known parts of the Ironroot Mountains, as well a location to begin their search for Khundrukar: a stone spire known locally as the Stone Tooth.


Galrus Ironfist

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